Chicken Picatta: Tender chicken breast sautéed in a lemon and white wine sauce with capers and mushrooms.

Chicken Milanese: Lightly breaded chicken breast pan fried to perfection and topped with a lemon-butter and shallot sauce.

Chicken Formaggio: Tender chicken breast topped with fresh asparagus spears and mozzarella cheese in a white-wine sauce.

Chicken Santa Fe: Mojo Criollo marinated chicken breast topped with a chipolte pepper tomato and sour-cream sauce.

Chicken Fresca: Tender sautéed chicken breast topped with fresh basil, Roma tomatoes and Chevre and finished with a white wine sauce.

Chicken Porccini: Chicken breast sautéed with button, portobella and porccini mushrooms in a brown-gravy and Cabernet demi-glace.

Chicken Limon: Chicken breast grilled in a lemon-pepper sauce.

Chicken Marsala: Chicken breast sautéed with button and portobella mushrooms in a sweet Marsala wine sauce.

Chicken Tropical: Mojo marinated chicken breast, grilled and topped with a tomato and cilantro salsa.


Pork au Pomme: Apple cider and soy marinated pork medallions in a honey-teriyaki demi-glace.

Caribbean Pork: Grilled mojo criollo marinated pork tenderloin medallions served with a fresh fruit salsa.

Plum Pork:
Tender marinated pork medallions basted in a sweet plum sauce Pork
Diane: Pork tenderloin with mushrooms in a brown-gravy and Cabernet

Rosemary Pork: Rosemary roasted pork medallions served with a white-wine sauce Teriyaki.

Pork with Pineapple: Pork tenderloin medallions in a honey-teriyaki glaze with pineapples.

Sliced Pork Tenderloin: Thinly sliced, garlic encrusted pork tenderloin served with a fresh dill sauce.

BBQ Pork: Shredded hickory smoked pork in a BBQ sauce served with garlic bread

Mango-chutney glazed Ham: Spiral sliced whole ham with a mango-chutney glaze.

Endless Appetizers

  • Import and domestic cheese and fruit display
  • Ying and Yang Hummus with pita points
  • Peppered Salami wrapped Asparagus Spears
  • Smoked Salmon with capers, chopped egg, minced red onion and capers
  • Vegetable Crudités with cool selection of dips
  • Cognac Black Peppercorn Pate
  • Spinach and tomato tortilla wraps with smoked chicken and salsa creamcheese
  • Hot Spinach & Artichoke dip with tri-color tortilla chips or bread points
  • **Mini Crabcakes with a tangy tarter sauce
  • Chicken Quesadillas with chunky salsa
  • Teriyaki Chicken skewers
  • Sweet’nSour Meatballs with fresh pineapple
  • Swedish Meatballs
  • Toasted Baguette with apple butter and Brie
  • Quiche Lorraine and Florentine
  • Bruschetta with fresh pesto, roman tomatoes and Asiago
  • Spinakopata : spinach and ricotto filled filo pastries
  • Crabmeat stuffed mushrooms
  • Chicken stuffed mushrooms
  • Greek Canape’s with a feta cheese spread and seasoned eggplant
  • **Italian Antipasto platter – take a culinary cruise through Italy
  • Cajun crab spread on toast-points
  • **Shrimp cocktail
  • Deep-fried pork wontons with a Thai peanut sauce
  • Buffalo chicken wings with a chunky blue cheese
  • Hickory BBQ chicken wings with creamy ranch
  • Teriyaki chicken wings with fresh pineapple sauce
  • Mini Empanadas
  • Tostones con Pollo
  • Mini Ham Croquetas

Premier Pasta Station

Prepared to order pasta entrees or starters choice of penne or bowtie pasta with:

  • Alfredo sauce
  • Marinara sauce
  • Chicken
  • Italian sausage
  • Fresh garlic
  • Primavera veggies
  • Gorgonzola
  • Mozzarella and parmesan cheeses

Beef, Veal and Lamb Dishes

Beef Stroganoff: Sliced beef tenderloin strips with mushrooms in a white wine and sherry cream sauce

Beef Roulade: USDA choice beef strips with an herbed filling rolled into spirals and oven-baked topped with an herbed cream sauce

Beef Bordelaise: Round steak strips served with button mushrooms and shallots in a Bordeaux and Espagnole sauce

Shepherd’s Pie: Lean, seasoned ground beef topped with creamed corn and mashed Yukon gold potatoes

**Filet Coliseum: Tender filet strips with caramelized onions and portabella mushrooms in a Cabernet reduction sauce

Caribbean Steak: Island marinated steak strips grilled to perfection seved with a lime sauce

Beef Stew: Tender beef cubes with celery, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes in a hearty stew sauce

**Veal Marsala: Tender veal medallions with wild mushrooms in a sweet Marsala sauce

**Veal Picatta: Veal medallions served in a tangy lemon-white wine sauce with capers

**Veal Helena: Veal spirals filled with Spinach, Smoked Salmon and Havarti cheese

**Veal Involtini: Tender Veal Scallopini wrapped around fresh Asparagus with pancetta and mozzarella cheese in a white-wine shallot sauce

**Veal Vienna: Breaded veal strips served with a lemon-butter and shallot sauce

**Roasted Rack of Lamb: Rosemary seasoned rack of lamb served with an apple-mint sauce

Lamb Shish Kebab: Fresh vegetables and marinated lamb cubes on a skewer

**Herb and Cheese Lamb Cutlets: Herbed cheese filled lamb cutlets, breaded and baked to perfection

Curried Lamb: Lamb strips served with tomatoes and peppers in a curry sauce

Irish Stew: Cubes of lamb, celery, carrot, onions and potatoes in a hearty stew

** per person price may vary if theses entrées are chosen.

Seafood Selection

Fresh Mahi-mahi, grilled and topped with a Key lime honey garlic sauce

Blackened Mahi-mahi topped with a Caribbean fruit salsa

Grilled Salmon Roulades stuffed with fresh herbs and creamcheese

Maryland style Crabcakes served with an orange saffron sauce

Pesce Cartoccio: Fresh Mahi-mahi baked in parchment paper in a tomato- white-wine sauce with mushrooms, capers and sun-dried tomatoes.

Pan-seared or blackened Mahi-mahi served with a picatta sauce

Grilled Tuna topped with marinated caramelized onions and button mushrooms

Paella de Espana: Delicious blend of mussels, fresh Mahi-mahi, clams and calamari mixed with rice and vegetables and Spanish seasonings

Blackened Grouper filets with a tomato-cilantro salsa